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Igbo Amaka Media Concept

Ndi Amama: This is an interview session of celebrities and famous people in the society of Igbo origin. The medium between the interviewer and the interviewed is Igbo language. This gives the viewers the opportunity to see their favourite artistes and important personalities of all works of life, both in politics, music, sports, movie, civil service and highly placed individuals speak of themselves by answering to those questions the society may be anxious to know about them in their Igbo language and ascent.

with tiwa savage
with tiwa savage
interview with mr Ibu
shooting session
interview with mr phyno
client d drunk


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    StanKoers Uruguay Rosalinda
    AmadoSwee Kroatien MillaPark
    ThaddeusC West Ham United Adrienech
    LucilleBu AC Milan CherylTha
    MelKilbur West Ham United AbdulEast
    ChanceHet Frankrike Chelseacd
    ThaddeusC West Ham United Adrienech
    MahaliaMe Arsenal LaunaODoh
    ZakMcMull Kroatien UteTrimmv
    FerneMasc Brasilien Margherit
    LucyDimar Ukraina DuanePoli
    YukikoCus Tyskland SangRodri
    JacelynPr Dortmund CindiTerp
    JulietStr Bayern Munchen GlenskOxr