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#Kylian Mbappe who is arguably one of the most popular names in world football right now has a Nigerian middle name.

The #Monaco star was born with a middle name Adesanmi and while that is clearly a Nigerian name, no ties had been found between the 18-year-old and Nigeria.

Several reports, however, have it that Mbappe’s father Wilfred Mbappe has #Cameroonian and Nigerian roots.

Wilfred Mbappe’s Nigerian roots have not been often highlight as he was known as a Cameroon refugee who migrated to France and got married to Algerian-French lady Fayza.

But according to the reports, Wilfred gave his son Mbappe the Nigerian (Yoruba) middle name Adesanmi meaning ‘crown fits me’.

Mbappe’s younger brother also has a Nigerian name, Adeyemi. He also has brother Joris Kembo Ekoko who his dad adopted, a footballer of Congolese descent.

Mbappe’s father has been very influential in his career, being his first coach and currently his agent.


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